You have to think anyway, so why not think big?

Stone-faced businessman stands on the sidewalk  , staring up at the sky.  First  it stood outside of 3 West 57th Street near Cavalier Gallery ,  later moved to  a temporary home outside of 1411 Broadway. Two years ago the statue  was installed  at the southeast corner of Union Square Park
 Right now, the statue is  located   at The Anthem, a modern high-rise doorman building at  222 E 34th St New York.

The 12-foot-tall sculpture, called “THINK BIG”  was created  by American sculptor Jim Rennert to honor everyone who works hard to achieve their dreams and goals.     Rennert was born in 1958, and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah. First ten years  Rennert  worked in business and only in  1993 he began exhibiting in galleries.
Rennert has traveled with THINK BIG across the nation, starting from its inception in Salt Lake City, to Los Angeles and Miami.

    Two years ago Rennert said, “I’m so thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to exhibit THINK BIG in such a vibrant, creative community. It’s been a dream of mine to have my sculpture on public view in New York and I hope the piece is an inspiration to the Union Square neighborhood and the entire city The statue It weighs 1,400 pounds, that's big.  This City of New York sets the tone for the rest of the country and I think that's why it's important".  
The statue even has a Twitter handle and a Facebook page.

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