Lamb's club on 44th street

A group of actors and theatre enthusiasts took the  name from a similar group, the Lambs Club of London. London Club met earlier in the 19th century at the house of Charles Lamb, the drama critic and essayist. Since its founding, there have been more than 6,000 Lambs including Fred Astaire and  Irving Berlin. As other clubs The Lambs had its traditions.  Women  and dramatic critic were not allowed. The president of the Lambs Club was named  the "Shepherd," the vice president was  - the "Boy." Over the years The Lambs has held many large entertainment events, or Gambols. Proceeds were used to finance the Club's operations.
The Club has its own song with the words:
We're poor little lambs
who have lost our way,
Baa Baa Baa,
We're little black sheep
who have gone astray
Baa Baa Baa.

The song is an abstract from  the   Rudyard Kipling's  ("The Jungle Book"  author ) poem "Gentlemen-Rankers"
There is an interesting relationship  between the club and  the  Manhattan's Church of the Transfiguration  on East 29.  Every rector of the church  is made an honorary member of the club. In 1870  an actor George Holland was denied a funeral by a pastor of a Fifth Avenue church, who  suggested to  "try the little church around the corner." Since that time, the "little church" has enjoyed most of The Lambs' (and the theatre's) nuptial and funeral trade.
In 1903 the Lambs Club purchased two lots at  West 44th Street. The famous architect  Stanford White was an  architect on the new club building.  On the first floor were the lobby with a bank of telephones, a grill room and billiard room; on the second floor was a banquet hall. 

The wall od the building are adorn with the lamb heads.  The size of the building was doubled in 1915 when an addition to the west, a virtual copy of White's original, was constructed.
In 1974, the 44th Street building was designated by the New York City Landmarks and Preservation Commission. A year later  following financial difficulties with the club, it was sold to the Church of the Nazarene.   The Lambs Club  now  shared space at 3 West 51st Street with The Women's National Republican Club. By the way women can be the members of the Lamb Club now.
Now the building on the West 44th street is occupied  by   The Chatwal  hotel ( with the room price starting from $400) and The Lambs Club- bar and restaurant.

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