85 on 10, Chelsea, Private Lobby

85 on 10 Ave was  constructed as part of the Nabisco Factory in 1914.   It  is located directly across the street  Ave from Chelsea Market.   The owner of Chelsea Market property  Irwin Cohen bought 85 10th   in 2004, paying $57 million.   The building now is occupied by Telehouse America, data center services provider and other  high technology  companies.  

The building is equipped at the highest standard to support telecommunications companies, with twelve building generators that provide two megawatts of back-up power each.

The eleven floors host several data centers. 85 10th Avenue was constructed to operate independently for thirty days in the event of a city power or water interruption. Six hundred tons of chilled water are available per floor.  Google officially grabbed 360,000 square feet of office space in this building a year ago. Google already occupies   3 million square-foot 111 Eighth Avenue, which it bought for nearly $2 billion in 2010.  It also leases more than 300,000 square feet in   Chelsea Market.

The most interesting thing in this building for me was the lobby. Lobby is not open to the public, but   I was able to enter and make some pictures.  The lobby features industrially inspired art. There are  elements  that were salvaged from demolished historic buildings.  On the 10th Avenue side, there is a forest made up of old gas-lamp poles embedded in concrete, and on the 11th Avenue side, a tree made of steel bars, usually used to reinforce concrete. There was an excellent collection of   models  of the planes  in the lobby.


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