The Sistine Chapel in Oculus, New York

Sistine Chapel Replica in Oculus
The Sistine Chapel is one of the most famous painted interior spaces in the world.  The chapel was named after Pope Sixtus IV  who commissioned the restoration works in 1477.  The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512, is a cornerstone work of High Renaissance art.  The artist   began to work on the frescoes for Pope Julius II in 1508, replacing a blue ceiling dotted with stars. Originally, the pope asked Michelangelo to paint the ceiling with a geometric ornament, and place the twelve apostles in spandrels around the decoration. Michelangelo proposed instead to paint the Old Testament scenes now found on the vault, divided by the fictive architecture that he uses to organize the composition.
Working on the Sistine Chapel was so unpleasant that Michelangelo wrote a poem about his misery.

Sistine Chapel in Vatican
I've already grown a goiter from this torture,
hunched up here like a cat in Lombardy
(or anywhere else where the stagnant water's poison).
My stomach's squashed under my chin,my beard's
pointing at heaven, my brain's crushed in a casket,
my breast twists like a harpy's. My brush,
above me all the time, dribbles paint
so my face makes a fine floor for droppings!

Since the 15th century, papal conclaves have been held in the Chapel, and it is here that the future pope is chosen. Those outside the chapel have to watch the chimney - black smoke means they’re still deciding, while white smoke signals the election of a new pope.
About 17,000 people visit Vatican museums  daily.
Sistine Chapel  replica in  Great Britain
The world's only hand-painted replica of the Sistine Chapel artwork is located  in a tiny church in a seaside town Worthing, West Sussex, Great Britain. The project was started  project in 1987.  It took 5 years   to complete the project. Visitors from Australia, Canada, and the USA have all admired the incredible ceiling, which was created by a sign-writer who had no art lessons in his life.

Sistine Chapel  replica in Iowa
 It took 4 months in 2006  to paint    Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" from the Sistine Chapel using store-bought spray paint  in the small town Waterloo, Iowa.  It was done by b 27-year-old Evelin "Paco" Rosic whose family arrived    in the late 1990s from war-torn Sarajevo.

Sistine Chapel replica in Mexico City
In 2016 Sistine Chapel life-sized  temporary  replica  was unveiled in Mexico City . The Vatican-approved Mexican replica was created using more than   2.6 million images   to create the replica printed on cloth and hung from a metal framework. The replica not only includes the frescos of Michelangelo, but sculptures and decorations also adorn the life-size model. The reproduction cost 45 million pesos (about $2.4 million), and was paid for by private partners.

This summer  Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel had  been recreated at the Oculus,  World Trade Center Transportation Hub, completed in 2016.
  Scott Sanders, who produced wonders like “The Color Purple” musical, placed the Sistine Chapel into the World Trade Center site.   
An art exhibit features  34 nearly life-size copies of the Renaissance painter’s frescoes that adorn the Sistine Chapel in Rome .

Sanders said:
 "The Last Judgment’  45-by-40 feet. Not many places to hang that. We nearly shrunk it because we weren’t sure we could hang it from the Oculus’ 80-foot ceiling.
Engineers worked all night until 3 a.m. The Oculus is a train hub with 200,000 people a day passing through and when the first commuters came by, it caused a commotion even on Instagram. Look, it’s serendipitous. It’s proof that downtown has come back.
  Seeing it actually in the Sistine Chapel, it’s only for a few minutes. Your head’s cranked back, not up close, you can’t see every detail. We have 34 frescoes photographed on large canvases, which people can examine as long as they like. We have audio guides in four languages.  "

“Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel” is open from June 23 until July 23.
 Mexican replica is free, hand-painted replica in Worthing is free. The ticket for the Vatican Museums that represent one of the largest art collection in the world including entrance into the Sistine Chapel  is 25 euros.
The price for the ticket     to  Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel  is $22  USD  including audio guide.
If you do not want to waste money  and want to see REAL Michelangelo, the artist is the subject of a huge new exhibition coming to the Metropolitan Museum of Art later this year.

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