Thanksgiving parade 2014

Last time I was at the  Thanksgiving parade  seventeen years ago. Less than half a year before I  arrived in New York. I understood almost nothing about the life here, I know nothing about New York and know almost nobody  in this city except my family. It was a very cold and sunny day seventeen years ago. I felt alone and out of place. I did not pay much attention to the parade - I was trying not to lose my teenage daughter in the crowd.  Seventeen years passed and  I was  at the Thanksgiving parade for the second ( and I hope not for the last ) time in my life. I felt  completely comfortable,  laughed  and chatted with people  near me. The young guy standing near   said to me   :   "I'm from Argentine. I love the parade. And where are you from?" And I proudly answered : "I'm from New York!" .
 Here you can find my old post about Macy's Thanksgiving parade that I published last year  ago. And  below you can enjoy the pictures that I did today several hours ago on the 88th Macy's thanksgiving parade.

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