Saks 5th Avenue windows 2014: An Enchanted Experience

Do you like fairy tales? If yes, then you find the right place: Saks Fifth Avenue  holiday windows!  Every window is converted into   a scene from the classic fairy tale that all we  know from the early childhood.  Saks Fifth Avenue has put together   LEDs, strobes, up-lights, video projections and music  to produce the colorful scenes with iconic New York locations as the background.

You can find a very funny wolf in a bed  and a girl in a red dress with a red hood and a basket in    one of the  windows. There is a Merlin Monroe picture on the wall of the room in this window. You can see  Rumplestiltskin spinning straw into gold in the subway tunnels, Rapunzel using her hair to swing from the Empire State Building, Cinderella arriving at the Saks Fifth Avenue Ball and Snow White being tempted by an evil apple merchant in the heart of Times Square.

These  scenes is a nod to the store’s birth in “the roaring ‘20s when shopping was glamorous and everything felt possible. The store was opened in 1924, and from the beginning it offered the highest quality clothing for men and women.

It has had a rich history as a fashion innovator: from launching Estee Lauder’s cosmetic line in the 1940’s to decorating the 1969 White House Christmas tree.

A  light show on the building’s façade,  incorporating 71,000 lights,    will continue to run every day and night through the new year.

Retail network web site wrote: "For the 15th consecutive year, the design:retail Winning Windows Awards honor the top three Manhattan retail stores for their excellence in holiday window design. This year, design:retail named Saks Fifth Avenue as the Platinum Award winner as the best holiday windows in New York. 

 Winning Windows judges walked New York, touring the storefronts and marveling at the windows visual teams across the city have spent the past year planning. Judging was based on three criteria: originality and creativity, spirit of the season and technical aspects of execution"

Saks Fifth Avenue's Christmas window ceremony  was a quick and splashy mix of 36 Rockettes high-kicking on the avenue, then fireworks cascading down from the top of the flagship.   You can see the ceremony here

Opening ceremony

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