Fancy Animal Carnival , Garment District

The carnival is in the city.  This fall  eleven large-scale, colorful animal  sculptures  created   by  Hung Yin arrived in New York.  Hung Yi was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1970.  Hung Yi was once an owner of nine restaurants. However,  at the age of 30, he decided to live his life fully as an artist. 

Since then, his work continues to be inspired by his surroundings and life experiences.
Typical of a Hung Yi creation are bright primary colors and bold, lively constructions. 

 The artist’s  works are encouraged by Taiwanese culture or day-to-day life in Taiwan. He  is regaled for his large and colorful sculptures that pay homage to the mythology of Taiwan. He also decorates the modern sculptures with traditional Taiwanese patterns and texts that are believed to bring about good fortune.

The artist  already   exhibited in San Francisco in 2015 and 2014.  Fancy Animal Carnival  is  the  Hung Yi’s first New York exhibition. 
The artist used metal to bring his animal collection to life and the process used to finish and preserve his whimsical creations is the procedure associated with priming and painting a car.  

Each piece looks as smooth as silk, just like a newly painted car.
 The exhibition is open to the public on the Garment District Broadway Mall that runs from 41st Street to 37th Street.

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