Paparazzi Dogs in Greenwich Village

Gillie and Marc have worked side by side for 25 years. The husband and wife team are New York and Sydney-based contemporary artists who collaborate to create art as one. They are best known for their autobiographical characters, Rabbitgirl and Dogman.  Their public artworks are all over the world including the U.S., China, New Zealand and Singapore.

In 2013 Gillie and Marc launched a series of sculptures in Melbourne called The Paparazzi Dogs. The sculptures were later exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai and installed in New York City in 2016,  first   beneath the Manhattan Bridge in the Pearl Street Triangle  and later  in Greenwich Village,  at the intersection of West Eighth Street, Avenue of the Americas, and Greenwich Avenue.

“We’re so excited that our ‘Paparazzi Dogs’ are in New York. They’ve traveled the globe taking photos, and now they’ve arrived at this fun, trendy place that has been photographed more than anywhere else, and that leaves you feeling so stimulated” - said Gillie.
Gillie and Marc have given names to each of the “Paparazzi Dogs.” They are named for members of the British Royal Family, Charles, William, Harry and Tom.

The artists wanted us to reflect on the tragic and avoidable death of Princess Diana. They intentionally used a group of dogs to expose the pack mentality of the media and how we hunt down celebrities to get that dangerous “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into their private lives.

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