The Bear’s Christmas

During the Christmas season, the atrium  of Park Avenue Building (Blackrock) has amazing animated exhibits with Christmas music by the noted Mechanical designer Lou Nasti. 

 Bears and other animated animals  sing , skate, cook and enjoying the holiday with moving parts popping up and background holiday music. The atrium is roomy and bright and there are tables and chairs.

Lou Nasti is the master creator and the designing mechanical genius.
"Everyone calls me Geppetto," said Lou Nasti. "I mean, look at me: The glasses, the gray hair — and I play with dolls".
 For almost 44 years, Nasti has created holiday-themed displays for department store windows and shopping malls. 
Nasti's displays have been seen in most of New York City's major department store windows. He started as a window dresser as a teenager. He was on  front page of The New York Times when he built a giant robot that could walk and talk. A few years later, he started his company, Mechanical Displays Inc. located in Brooklyn. 


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