Barneys New York, Winter Brilliance

Barneys New York unveiled winter wonderland named “Chillin’ Out” in the middle of November. Artist Dale Chihuly compiled 700 hand-blown glass icicles into crystalline sculptures, which hang from the windows for the “Winter Brilliance” installation.

Dale Chihuly is a widely collected glass sculptor whose work has been installed in venues as varied as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You may already be familiar with Dale Chihuly’s work if you’ve seen one of his masterful art glass sculptures in one of the 250 museums globally that feature his work. 

Dale Chihuly in Great Britain

I did not know this name before 2003 when I saw his works in Grounds of Sculptures park in New Jersey. There are not so many works installed in New York City- the latest the chandelier in Mandarin Oriental near Columbus circle.

Bellagio, Las Vegas by Dale Chihuly
Twenty years ago the artist used the icicle-shaped element when he created “Icicle Creek Chandelier,” which is a permanent installation two hours outside of Chilhuly’s home base in Seattle. Chihuly revisits this shape and form throughout “Winter Brilliance.” A modern adaptation of a score by Claude Debussy, Chihuly’s favorite composer, pairs with choreographed lighting effects by Christie Three Sixty, which gives a 3-D digital mapping effect.

“It’s the first time I’ve done holiday windows,” Dale Chihuly said of his contribution of five glass sculptures, “put together, and then lit up with fancy lighting that allows them to change color,” the Seattle-based glass artist said, adding, “plus, there’s water on the bottom".

Two other windows - the Ice Castles and Ice Carvers - have been turned into 35-foot ice lockers and kept at minus-2 degrees.
You can find the description of the process of the Ice Castle creating   on the windows:

Ice Farmer: An individual who grows, harvests and creates ice castles
Harvesting:  growing icicles in tubing to create  a scaffolding. Each icicle forms in 2-4 hours at 15 F
Fusing Bonding each harvest icicle together with a snow and ice slush.
Spraying : Activating the  scaffolding by sprinkling water and allowing gravity to create natural ice formations. This ice castle was sprayed 10 hours per day for 12 lays

The ice carvers will perform daily during the coming weeks, transforming 20-by-30-inch blocks of ice into holiday sculptures. Catch them at work now through December 31.

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