Three years: Best of 2015

My blog is not a  toddler  anymore!  With my  blog third birthday, the “terrible twos” are officially over and the “magic years” of three and four begin!   My blog deserves three cheers because it is three years old.  Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Happy 3rd birthday!

Here in this post I put the pictures  and links to 12 posts that I published in 2014.  Read them if you missed them when these post were published.   If interested, tell me what you would like to read next  - New York have so many secrets!

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Nikolas Roerich -the only painter who ever had a skyscraper in New York built for him.
A planet was named for him. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1929. He was an archaeologist, art historian, poet, peace activist, botanist, spiritual philosopher, mentor to Marc Chagall, political adviser, costume designer , women’s rights advocate and founder of a yoga society. He had had legions of admirers, including Einstein, Gandhi, and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Some people thought that he was a KGB agent and a Russian spy.
Life Underground and alligators in the sewers
Located in the 14th Street and 8th Avenue station are over 100 little cast-bronze sculptures depicting life in NYC. The sculptures are located in unexpected places: under stairs or pillars, on railings, on benches and suppose to surprise commuters. Most of these bronze figures are no more than 8 inches tall.Life Underground is a permanent public artwork created by American sculptor Tom Otterness for New York Subway.

The Hispanic Society of America
Only in New York a cultural site of such significance can go mostly unnoticed - and not only not only by tourists, but by New Yorkers as well. This is really a hidden gem in Washington Heights. You'll very likely be alone viewing works by Goya, Velasquez, and El Greco as well as a stunning collection of Spanish earthenware from the 16th through the 19th centuries. And it is free!

 Rockfeller and  Cannibals
The Metropolitan Museum’s Oceanic, or Pacific Islands, collection is one of the finest and most comprehensive in the world. Nearly 1600 objects from the ''primitive'' cultures of Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas are on view in The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Michael C. Rockefeller Wing. A book entitled "Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism and Michael Rockefeller's Tragic Quest for Primative Art" by Carl Hoffman, published in March 2014 gives significant credence to the idea that Michael was killed and eaten by cannibals.

Channel Garden, Rockefeller Center Rockefeller Center is the symbol of midtown Manhattan. A complex of 19 buildings and plazas, located between Fifth and Seventh Avenues and 48th and 51st Streets, Rockefeller Center was built to be a “city within a city.” A narrow promenade separates tow building in Rockefeller center - the British Empire Building and the Maison Française in the way the English Channel separates the two countries in whose honor the buildings were named. This promenade is named Channel Garden.

Everybody knows the name Tiffany. In the 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Tiffany's is mentioned twice in the song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend". In the 1956's James Bond novel, Diamonds Are Forever, one of Bond's love interests is named Tiffany Case. The magic was born in New York in 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany and his friend John B. Young opened the store in Manhattan

Belvedere castle, Central Park
There are many mansions in New York city, but there is only one castle- Belvedere castle - a gothic structure in the middle of Central Park with a stone facade and turrets that’s meant to invoke the idea of a romantic Medieval villa. The castle was built as a folly without doors.In 1919 the United States Weather Bureau moved the Central Park Observatory to the castle

Brooklyn Bridge
It took more than a decade to build this bridge, it cost the life of its designer, and it was constantly criticized by skeptics who predicted the entire structure was going to collapse. When the bridge opened 132 years ago, on May 24, 1883 the world took notice and the entire United States celebrated.Brooklyn Bridge is the first bridge ever built between Brooklyn and Manhattan. At the time it was finished in May 1883, it was famous for being the biggest bridge in the world - stretching almost 1600 feet across the East River.
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Conservatory Water in Central Park
The pond now known as Conservatory Water was inspired by the Grand Bassin, model boat pond in Paris' Luxembourg Gardens.Conservatory Water in Central Park is very popular for boating in the spring and summer.Over the past 20+ years members of the Central Park Model Yacht Club have continued to compete every Saturday on Conservatory Water. But it is not necessary to be the member of a club to enjoy the boating! From April through October, children and boat enthusiasts can rent radio powered boats as well as uniquely constructed sailboats with large wind driven sails.

Angel of the waters in Central park
The gorgeous focal point of the Bethesda Terrace, the Bethesda Fountain is one of the largest fountains in New York, measuring twenty-six feet high by ninety-six feet wide.In 1864 sculptor Emma Stebbins received the commission for the sculpture in the middle of the fountain that would be the terrace's centerpiece. The sculpture was the only major sculpture commissioned for the park during its original design and construction

The Alexander Hamilton Custom House The Alexander Hamilton US Custom House is located at the southern tip of Manhattan next to Battery Park, on the site of Fort Amsterdam. The seven story Customs House contains 450,000 square feet of space and sits on three city blocks. Starting from 1994 Museum of the American Indian occupies two floors of the house.The collection in the museum was assembled by George Heye during a 54-year period and includes more than 800,000 objects, as well as a photographic archive of 125,000 images.
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World Financial Center - Brookfield Place Brookfield Place ( World Financial Center)complex was designed by César Pelli, an Argentine American architect. It was built between 1982 and 1988 at a cost of $60 million on landfill that was excavated during the building of the World Trade Center, as well as garbage, dirt and debris. It was heavily damaged on 9/11 -the collapse of the twin towers closed the Palm garden for a year. The atrium underwent a $50 million reconstruction.

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