Cartier building, Holiday decoration 2013

What could be more New York than the Cartier Building on the corner of 5th Avenue and 52nd Street wrapped in its iconic big red bow!  Half way up the building, two pieces of red "ribbon" wrapping the entire building meet at a 14 ft wide LED bow.
The  lighting was  designed and specified  by the London-based Metropolis Group of Companies, and manufactured in its facility in Wales, UK. 

The  Cartier company was founded in Paris, France in 1847. The son of the founder  established the New York City branch in 1909 and  moved  in 1917 to 653 Fifth Avenue in 1917. Cartier acquired the mansion from previous owner  in exchange for $100 in cash and a double-stranded natural pearl necklace valued at the time at $1 million.

The flagship store of the upscale jeweler, Cartier, has been decorated for the holidays with an elegant red bow and ribbons since 1979.  Several years ago Cartier's best-known international trademark, the fabulous  panther  was added. 

I pass by this corner of 52 street and 5th avenue every time I go to my office. I have  a habit of having a small camera in my purse.  As a result I have a set of pictures of Cartier building.

2005 2009
2010 2011
2013 2013
2013 2013

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