The Kelpies in Bryant Park

If you read Harry Potter you may now that  Kelpie is a shape shifting water demon native to Britain and Ireland.  Able to take any form, they usually take the form of a horse. The hair from a kelpie can be used to comprise the core of a wand. 
In Celtic folklore kelpie is white and sky blue with a little bit curly tail and mane.  

Two 15-foot high horse heads called The Kelpies were installed at the Bryant Park in Midtown  last month. 
Kelpies in Scotland

These two heads are the 1:10 scale models of the two 100-foot high heads installed  in the park and recreational area  in Falkirk, Scotland last year.  
The original Kelpies weigh 300 tons each and public is allowed  around and inside the Kelpies. This horses in Scotland are the  largest works of equine art in the world .The sculptures are made by Scotland's leading public artist Andy Scott  from hundreds of small pieces of steel plate.

Huntington post called the whole project    “bizarre” .

 “The Guardian  wrote: “ I feel like crying that someone spent £5m on this piece of trash. Imagine the boost that bounty might have given to Falkirk's public libraries. Instead, school kids will bussed to a park to gaze on brainless dreck.”  
These two heads were on a  visit  in New York  and I’m really happy that  the visit is only one month long- these two heads do not belong to the lovely Bryant park.

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