Twenty years ago, Chelsea was best known as a relatively quiet residential community. Since then, the neighborhood has transformed dramatically into a cultural mecca.  Chelsea is  one of  the largest   art districts in New York. From 16th Street to 27th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, there are more than 350 art galleries. C24 Gallery is a relatively new addition to Chelsea art landscape- it  was established in 2011.
When I was walking along the 24th street  on the sunny morning in the early June, the large balls with the moving pictured hanging from the ceiling of the gallery grabbed my attention.
It was BANG BANG, the first New York solo show of New York based Swiss artist Katja Loher (born in 1979).  Katja  projects her videos onto the surface of large shiny orbs hanging in the gallery space.  She stage her works as s Videosculptures, which she calls Videoplanets and Miniverses. They are created in the artist's New York studio, in close co-operation with dancers, choreographers, musicians and designers. The Miniverses are small orbs and the large one are  Videoplanets.
Katje said in her interview:  
I always start with the idea, or the message, and then I let it become its own creature. It forms in your head, matures in your heart, and then you watch it come alive. I tend to make beautiful things. Like a lot of nature, it's just how I choose to communicate.
"Bang Bang" is the start of a lot of things.... My friends and I have been using it quite often lately. We'll say, "This is so bang bang! He or she is totally bang bang!" There's no better word for things I really like.

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