432 Park-tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

View from the top of Empire skyscraper.
More than a year ago, in June 2013 in one of  my posts I wrote about  One57 - new  skyscraper  on West 57 in Midtown. A year ago One 57 was the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere.   Now   I have to update the  header of my post about One57 - a new building  has the title 'the tallest'.
Last week  few final feet were added to the building at 432 Park Ave.    The tower  that sits  between 56th and 57th streets, is now the tallest building in the city and the western hemisphere. Do you want to live on the 90th floor? ( I do not!)
The building is  28 feet taller than One World Trade Center– if you don’t count the   spire.  New York’s tallest buildings have always been its icons: the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center. I already wrote about two the most recent additions to the New York Sky line- One World Trade Center  (Freedom tower)  and One 57,that is just several blocks to the west from the new giant.
The 96-story on Park avenue condo offers 104 units, ranging in price from $16.95million to $95million. Windows  are  huge, at 10 x 10 feet,  each apartment has  12-foot ceilings and private elevators. You can buy a 6 bedroom condo on one of the top floors of the building for $82 million.

The developer of the building said:  “It’s almost like the Mona Lisa,  except instead of it looking at you, you’re looking at it wherever you are. You can’t escape it.”  On a clear day you can see the building from all five borough of the great New York. It changed the skyline of the city.

If you live on the lower floor you still have access to the view- there are huge windows  on the  resident-only observation deck.
There are  climate-controlled wine cellars, an outdoor terrace, a spa, a “massage therapy room,” and a pool in the building.
One of the most impressive things about 432 Park Avenue is its width to height ratio (slenderness ratio), 19:1, which makes it one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the world.  Slender towers require special measures, and sometimes considerable expense, to counteract the exaggerated forces of wind on the vertical cantilever. The most slender residential skyscraper in the world is Hong Kong's Highcliff, which rises 72 stories and 828 feet (252 meters) with an   slenderness ratio of 1:20.  The Skyscraper Museum at 39 Battery Place currently has an excellent exhibit in place called Sky-high & the Logic of Luxury that explains more details of super slender towers.

Real Estate site about the luxury buildings in NY published an intersecting picture some time ago. On this picture you can see  what the skyline will look like in 2020.   Of these five buildings, one  them - the 90-story One57 (second from the right) is complete. Four of the five buildings are  on the west side of Midtown Manhattan.
The market for  ultra-luxury apartments in New York City is booming.  The space is very limited and the buildings became slimmer and higher.  One57,  that was the tallest residential tower  before 432 park, sits on the 57th Street that earned  the nickname "Billionaires' Row."     57th Street is already known for its famous buildings, hotels, and restaurants. 

From left to right: 432 Park Ave., 111 West 57th St., 53 53rd St.,
One57, and Nordstrom Tower
The   2-mile (3 km) street  is home to the Hearst Tower,   Carnegie Hall, and the Russian Tea Room.
 432Park is the tallest for now, but not for a long time- the plans for the   Nordstrom Tower on the Western end of 57 street are already approved. 

Before 432 Park there was  Drake hotel on this lot, the corner of  Park Avenue and 56 street. The hotel was built in 1926  and had  21 floors  with 495 rooms.
  Notable hotel  guests included Frank Sinatra and Muhammed Ali.  During their stay there in 1973, Led Zeppelin had $203,000 stolen from a safe deposit box at the hotel. The money was never recovered and the identity of the thief or thieves has never been discovered .

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