Egg hunting for giants

    To celebrate Easter, the traditional Easter bunny topiary is displayed in the middle of the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center.

     The Easter Bunny actually started in pre-Christian fertility lore. The word Easter came from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, who was associated with Spring and fertility.

     The hare and the rabbit were the most fertile animals and served as new life during the Spring months.

     Bunny becoming a Christian symbol came out of Germany during the 1500′s in celebration of “Oschter Haws” (the rabbit) and was brought to America by German settlers in the 1700′s.

    The settlers built nests for the rabbit out of their bonnets and caps and put them in the garden, barn or private room in their homes .

   In return the rabbit left colored eggs in payment - at least kids believe in it. The tradition is that the Easter bunny leaves Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. Parents hide eggs in the garden and the children go on an egg hunt to find them

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